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Today I launch #CrazyTalentedTeam!!

A few explanations:

We all want to be better, right? Become the best version of ourselves?

As for me, I have my current best version of myself (which is going to be updated soon for even more joy) displayed right before me on my office, it really makes me happy #JumpingAroundWithExcitment

So, I want to reach it, obviously and do what it takes. And I DO! #BelieveItOrNot

That’s really nice… But! It’s easy to get a little bit stuck in what we still need to improve, what we lack, what we still have to do, the blocks—and there are!—etc., etc., etc., Everything that is not quite right, yet. #Perfectionism I opened my eyes AGAIN—for the 50th time—to the fact that I don’t give myself much credit. And that’s a real bummer! It’s true, how do you want to move forward with your life if you keep believing you don’t have what it takes to reach the best version of yourself? That’s kinda hard. So, I didn’t stay here waiting, I decided it was enough. I don’t really feel like spending the rest of my life in the beta version of myself. #BizarreMetaphor So I made a decision. I knew that I wouldn’t take the time to look at what I was doing well if I did it on my own, so I created a group conversation with my loved ones—who really support me in my crazy self-development ideas, I have to admit! —#grateful It’s called Crazy Talented Team, and I thought I would share it with you as I am sure you are crazy talented too and might have forgotten to know it. Every evening, for a month (great timing as it’s the 1st #talent), I will share one thing that I did well in my day. One thing that shows how determined or attentive I am, or my incredible talent for budget management or whatever. And I would be super happy to know how crazy talented you are too. ;) Ready?

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