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F*CK excuses

We can be pissed off by a lot of things lately, right? One of the things that gets me really mad though are excuses.

We all have heard or said (I did too, I’m quite overwhelmed to admit): “But I’m too old,” But there’s always worst,” “But she’s nice,” “But no one does that,” “but it’s risky,” “But, whatever…”

To sum up, it’s really just saying no. No, I’m not afraid, there’s a very rational reason that I do or don’t act that way. —Or maybe I just don’t get it, that’s totally possible, right.

It’s annoying and it’s scary to admit an excuse is just a way of refusing what is going on inside us, refusing to follow our desires, refusing to assert who we are. And THAT pieces me off!

Are we still going to bathe in the ocean of our excuses for a long time? Or are we finally going to choose to be ourselves and honor who we are (and the world, thank you!)? I want people so full of themselves it fireworks. #yesthisisaverb Let me tell you, nothing is more exciting to me.

You know, I love you people, so much, you really have no idea. ❤️ Not your excuses, though. Your excuses are not you. They are your nice ego trying to keep you very safe where you are because it doesn’t know anything else. #thatsitsjob I love you enough to tell you, screw your excuses, I don’t care for them. I love you enough to see more of you, to see you fully and free, not encaged. I don’t care for the “if only,” I want the “why not.” Even if it means falling flat on your face. I can be here for that. I can be here to hold space for you, and to extend a hand if you need it. Excuses, on the other hand, that’s a No. I am not here to flatter other people’s ego, not in my personal life, and surely not in my job.

It’s okay to have excuses really. But we are just going to have to stop pretending it’s something else than that. And we are going to have to start talking about them.

All the energy we spend feeding our excuses can be used to create something beautiful.

We know them and we choose them when our resources are right here. When we can live a life that EASILY can do without excuses. And there’s more beauty. There’s more beauty on the other side of excuses.

Life is made to be big. Life is made for you. I don’t care for the rest. I love you ❤️

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