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Note to myself: Take your time

I thought "If you don't do it now, you never will" (about what, you ask? Such an important thing I can't even remember it!) and I felt mad. I am fed up of the best daily offer going on in my head : 70% off THE best thing to do!!

Now or never, don't miss the chance to turn your life upside down! (it's always about RADICALLY changing your life in seconds, isn't it?) I'm guessing this type of thinking doesn't just pop in my deranged mind (if so, I'd rather not know, thank you!) I read so many things telling us to move NOW! And that's good too, but what if it is not the right time for that particular decision?

I've wanted to live in London for years, and I was really struggling with the idea that I had to do it now, or I would never do it. Still, 3 years ago wasn't the right time for me, 2 years ago either, not even last year. Just a few months ago. And I would have been so much more peaceful had I known I could count on myself to do what was important to me, if not right away, someday. I chose other things in that timeframe, safety, comfort, fear, someone else, fitting in, curiosity... But we always end up choosing ourselves, what makes us feel alive, at one point or another.

There is no need to make decisions that feel like carrying the weight of a dead body on your shoulders because it's now or never! I want to make decisions that make my walls go down, not up. And the protective walls, only time (and a good amount of soul-searching with compassion and perseverance) allows you to take them down.

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