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Sanctuary - New original in progress

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

So... I've been working on this song for a few weeks. What do you think?

It's called Sanctuary.

Sanctuary like music, some people or places. Like nature or books, things or activities can be. Sanctuary like the places we go to rest and heal and recover before going back to the world again. Sanctuary like that place inside of us we sometimes find when life is hard. Sanctuary like peace, integrity, a loving feeling.

It's still in the process, and weirdly it might be my favorite part. Discovering a song, exploring it. I play it differently every day. The melody still changes a little, the lyrics are not set in stone. I'm still working on the structure, specially the bridge and end part. It's always to most difficult part to find for me. If you have ideas and suggestions, I'll take them. :)

It's in the process and I love it. It means something to me. And I realize it doesn't need to be done to mean something or to be shared. I guess in some ways I'm starting to trust the process in ways I couldn't before. It takes faith.

And I want to thank my singing teacher for her ideas and suggestions, for her support in exploring my voice and my songs. She is the best singing teacher in case you need one. ;)

Thanks for listening. 😘

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