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Thank you

Saying or writing thank you is like coloring life and its memories with markers rather than colored pencils.

When I read the thank you list I had written after my holidays again, I felt like sharing them, sharing the colors of my memories.

“Thank you for these 15 days. Thank you for the space they offered me. Thank you, even if they frightened me, even if space is sometimes too empty for me, even if it is sometimes too full of images, feelings and thoughts… Thank you for the time. Thank you for the sun and the rain. Thank you for stillness, for the water on my skin and the smell of sunscreen that always reminds me of summer.

Thank you to every person that came to see me when I was too exhausted to go to them, when the emptiness is so heavy it keeps pushing me further from myself and the world. Thank you for just being here. Thank you for being my light and my lightness when I didn’t know where to find them inside me. Thank you for telling me about you and your lives. Thank you for sharing your disappointments and fears, they made mine a little less overwhelming. Thank you for listening, for trying to understand what doesn’t even make sense to me. Thank you for your questions and your answers, thank you for holding me in your arms. Thank you for laughing or crying with me.

Thank you for all these new things I did, they seem like a new beginning. […]

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