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The Fall

I recently started rollerblading (again) with my roommates, and it got me thinking…

You see the metaphor coming, right? #DiabolicSmile #ILoveMetaphors

I like rollerblading, I know how to go around in circles, quite fast #NotBragging and it’s quite fun!

And then, I tried to stop and after a moment suspended in the air, I gracefully (as I do) fell to the ground. —Can someone tell me, why it’s always when we try to stop?! —It was a bit strange to be honest, I’m not quite used to falling anymore. You know, as a grown-up adult. But I think that’s really a shame!

It is a real and very hands-on (my elbow remembers!) reminder: when we try something new, especially when we THINK it’s basic, chances are we are going to fall. I don’t know why but it really reduces the seriousness of risk taking, in my opinion. There’s this quote by Brené Brown (I love Brené Brown!): “If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall, this is the physics of vulnerability.” This is true! It takes courage to try something new, and we will fall. But we’re not gonna go around in circles for the rest of our lives, right? Who is going to see our figures if we never learn them? #limitlesssadness

And once we realize we can get back up—and that an important step, you know, the metaphorical getting back up is hard, my heart remembers!) we can fall even more trying to do even cooler things. Once we know how to stop, obviously #Basics

Well, this is, if figures are your thing. We all have things we are ready to fall for, right? What is it you care enough to take risks for? On that note, I’ll go back to my rollerblading!

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