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Updated: May 15

Isn't there a saying going something like truth will set you free?  I realise it doesn't always look the way I want it to. Freedom isn't always light and fluffy. Freedom sometimes feels like ripping off a part of you because it hurts you and you have decided to make it stop. I know my truth is all I have, it's my safety, my weapon, my treasure. Our truth is our blessing, honoring it is our duty. At least that's what I believe.

I've set my truth aside long enough to know how dangerous lies are. Even white lies we say to protect people. Especially them. People don't need protection, they need real choices.

Lies are the silences, the armors, the sliding door moments that break trust, relationships, love. Lies break everything. Truth builds. Even if it doesn't seem so sometimes. If it doesn't build what I'd like, it builds my integrity. It's steady when things fall apart. And the more I learn the steadier it gets. My truth is never in danger, my lies are. I am so used to living surrounded with white lies, that I don't always feel it anymore when I lie to myself. So sometimes, I feel like I lost sense of direction, I lost my center, and I move around purposelessly lost in the illusion that I am victim of circumstances. I am not. But it's hard to see if I don't allow myself to be guided by what feels true. The truth is always worth seeing. It sets us free from illusion and gives us our power back. When we are ready to take it back. It's always here, waiting for us. Picture by @alexas_fotos Utiliser l’app

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