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What makes you sparkle?

In a coaching session recently, we’ve come across the question: “what makes you sparkle?"

He was super confused not to be able to find ONE answer. I mean, this is kind of what we’ve been sold, right? If we find the ONE thing we love doing, the ONE person for us, our ONE calling, our ONE talent, then our lives will finally fall perfectly into place and have meaning.

This looks like heaven and then... #TheGoodPlace (This series is amazing!)

Doing ONE thing for the rest of my life. Eeehhh, no thanks. I mean the One thing I want to be doing for the rest of my life is being myself. I don’t know about you but this unidimensional bit, it really brings me down. I mean, ONE thing?! #MoreCOLORSPlease

We spend a lot of time looking for the Right thing to do, and as long as we don’t know, we wait for the answer. The only (slight) problem is we are complex thingies and there are no existential questions with one solution (let me know if this is the case, I might have missed something!)

You will NOT find any answers by simply playing all the scenarios in your head. I know that’s annoying. #BrainOnLegs But it’s a lesson I keep learning again and again. You have to LIVE things. #RIPToThePartOfMeThatWantsToStayInMyBedAndKeepThinkingForTheRestOfMyLife #LetsMove

To know what makes us sparkle, we need to try things out to see how they FEEL in real life.

Sometimes, we discover we are right, one thing makes us shine, sometimes, we were wrong, and they don’t.

In the beginning, letting go of things that don’t make sparks fly—or “almost” make sparks fly* #SoClose—, or stopping things that don’t bring glitter anymore is difficult. But the more you do, the easier it gets. #YesMindNeedsTRAINING #MUSCLEMIND

With PRACTICE (and it means commitment), you will get better and better at knowing what does make you sparkle, and as your life becomes more sparkly, letting go is easier.

#LiveYourLife #SparklyLife

*Truth be told, it’s impossible to almost make sparks, it either does or doesn’t. #JustSaying

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