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Unravel through words

You feel overwhelmed & confused? Sometimes, everything feels so heavy it's hard to breathe and you don't even know who you are and what you want anymore. I've been there! In these moments where life  seems to be a constant struggle... It doesn't have to be like that.

You can feel grounded & joyful. You can feel alive & confident. You can feel free being you. Who you are and what you want is still there inside, there is nothing to do but to be here. Life can be light & simple. I promise.

I believe it starts with reframing the way we talk to ourselves. How can we feel confident & grounded when we call ourselves names? How can we love ourselves & our life when we bring ourselves down with "I shouldn't be like that!", "I'm such an idiot" or "I have to do this & that & this too!".

We can't!

You can be aware of these words you use without even noticing them, that keep you stuck. You can find new words that lift you up! They can be a tool of self-love. When you change your words, you change how you feel.

Wanna go on this trip around the words with me? Here's how!

You have several options:

- One Word at a Time : First Step

You're not too sure if word exploration is for you? No problem!

In a 30 minutes session, we will explore a word & its impact on your life. You gain awareness, you can choose another word that makes you feel lighter. See how it feels, if you want more, amazing! Let's jump to other options.

- A Few Words : Start your journey

You know how powerful words can be & you're ready to start your journey to word bliss, this one is for you!

In a 60 minutes session, we will explore words & their impact on your life more deeply . With awareness, you take back your power to choose differently. More choice, more joy!

All these options include:

- An initial assessment (either via mail exchange, or a 15 minutes call)

- A recap email with a personalized worksheet where you will find words definitions, questions & ideas to replace them

- A follow-up call 15 days after our session, to see where you are & keep you on track

- Handfuls of words : A trip around the words

You are a super enthusiastic word lover & you can't wait to explore the whole world of words!

In 5 one-hour sessions, we will explore more words, gain more awareness & find more joy. This trip around the words will dive deep into the power of words & all their beautiful complex, sometimes scary world.