Unravel through words

Coaching for wild adults & teenagers who tried to be tame

Start your trip

This space is for you. Just for you.

This exploration requires commitment, if you are not ready to commit to yourself, coaching is not what you need right now.

If you’re not sure coaching is for you, message me, we’ll talk about it. A discovery session is always helpful (and free).

And you can find feedbacks: here!

Explore with me

The begining of the journey


- 70£ / session

- For those of you who like the classical one hour session or want to explore step by step.

- Booking directly on my calendar.

- You bring your subject we explorer what is true for you

- Different subject each time or same subject for several sessions, you decide.

An afternoon of exploration


- 150£ / afternoon

- Exploring a galaxy takes time, it's not gonna happen in an hour so I create a space just for you.

- My afternoon is yours.

- We can take up to 3 hours just the two of us to make you feel comfortable, seen and safe so you can start connecting with everything that is underneath the surface.

Unlimited exploration  


- 500£ / month 


- Diving deep into your ocean of unexplored possibilities is a long process and you want support all the way.

- Plan your one hour session via my calendar.

- If you need more time shoot me an email and I make space for you no matter how long you need.

- I am here to answer all your questions via email.

+447 767 591 878

Londres, Royaume-Uni

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