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Ideas from one language to another

I love choosing new words to convey the ideas you reveal to me. 

And it is not just about replacing a word with another,  but creating something that makes sense.

I try to understand you, so others can too.

I have worked on many different projects, from pharmaceutical trials to mountain equipment and machinery and news articles. Lately, I  enjoy translating well-being magazines. 

I happily work on projects big or small. Your translation is important to you, it is to me too.

If you fancy taking a look, here's a booklet that might help clarify things a bit: Translation getting it right.


And for a quote, send me an email !

We can also discuss your project via Skype, you can schedule here.


Learning new words

Through subjects that you are passionate about, be it K-pop, modern architecture, photography, French cuisine, 90s films or space exploration, to name just a few, you will learn a lot about French or English.


Context is key and when the context is fun and engaging, it is so much simpler. Of course, being fluent won’t happen overnight and it still takes a lot of work, but I am here to support you with exercises, explanations and obviously conversations. 


From individual students, to classes and from children to adults, I always find creative ways to help you improve your French.

Classes from 45£/ hour.

You can send me an email or plan a quick chat here

You want to offer classes in your company? You can! I’ll design classes specifically for you.


Unravel through words

I think words are a fantastic tool to let us be seen the way we want to and to create our lives.


It's not always easy to find the words that have meaning for us. Sometimes they stay on the tip of our tongue, or escape us completely.

But once we do, we shed some light upon ourselves and our world. When things are clear, we feel so much more powerful.

Coaching helps put our finger and words on how we work, these are a lot of "Oh, but that's it!" moments, allowing us to know and accept ourselves a little better, and make new decisions.

It is a safe space for you to play your own game.

With all my enthusiasm, I dediced to explore the idea of being a coach, supporting others on their way to change. My official coaching training will start next year, but I want to dedicate my talents and discoveries to this exploration.

So, if you want to be coached for free and support me in this exploration, send me an email with your needs or schedule an appointment here​ we'll talk about it.


After looking at several tutors and learning about their process, I chose Clara because of her teaching style and method. I am a low intermediate student and I was looking for a tutor who would help me improve my spoken French, review verb tenses, increase vocabulary and help with grammar. Clara has organised an efficient programme for me and after each session she sends an email with a summary of what we discussed, vocabulary that needs improvement and a lesson plan for our next session. Her hourly rate is more expensive than most but the effort she puts into each meeting is worth the extra cost. If you are looking for a tutor that will help you overcome the many challenges of learning French then I recommend you contact Clara.

Ana, student

Clara est la meilleure professeur de français que j'ai eu. Elle propose des sujets vraiment intéressantes et elle est aussi attentive à mes erreurs. Ça fait beacoup de différence. Merci pour votre patience. :)


Clara is excellent, she customized a French language lesson plan to fit our daughters level of knowledge. After 3 one lessons, its apparent that her methods are successful as we have already seen improvement in our daughters vocabulary base and pronunciation. Definitely recommended!

Arielle, photographer

Clara est vraiment un prof merveilleuse. Elle est très patiente et gentille. Elle travaille très dur pour ces élèves et est très organisée. Elle a toujours des sujets intérresants a discuter ensemble. Mes cours de Français avec elle sont un point culminant de la journée pour moi. Une chose important, je m'amémeliore beacoup avec son tutelle. Elle est la meillleure!