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Written words

Translation and writting


Working closely with you to stay true to your message, I translate your message from English to French.

My areas of expertise are mostly around self-developpment, psychology & coaching, learning & self-care, among others, I translated for the magazine Happinez and I translate my own blog.


Finding the right words to describe who you are, what you feel and what you meaning is one of the great pleasure of my life. The opening, the sparkles, the tears sometimes that happens when you finally read or hear just what you've wanted to share for the longtest time, it's so precious. Using words, I help you feel seen.

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Travel with me

Self-care workshops for teenagers :

In Progress

Super talented team :

A workshop to learn self-celebration!

A trip around the words:

A workshop cycle to reflect on the words we are saying to ourselves and others, their impact and tools to use them with a little more love of ourselves and others. 

Themed workshops: “You are not alone”:

A workshop cycle to stop believing, “I am really the only one who thinks/lives/wants [insert something supposedly shameful]” and connect to our common experiences.


In progress, themes survey to come.


St-ART-ing project:

Coach artist for the St-ART-ing workshops. A project created by Cindy Lelia, a program to support you in starting your art practice. 

First workshop SOON! (in French)



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Spoken words

Classes for teenagers & adults

Individual classes:

Tailored to each student’s needs. This is a very safe space to gain confidence and practice your French!
You’ll realize you know more than you think and you’ll improve your autonomy.

For intermediate level students. Come talk and play games.


First class (30 minutes) is free so you know if I’m the right teacher for you!

Classes can last between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on your level and preferences. You receive content, exercises, vocabulary depending on your needs, everything is in your student folder, everything is flexible.


From £35/class

Group classes:

2 to 4 students per class. More interactive, you enjoy the experience of other students to help you improve. 

For groups: If you already have friends you want to study with, great! Let’s all meet together, first meeting is free, so we can see if I’m the right teacher for your group. 

Individual students, contact me!

Classes can last between 1 hours to 2 hours depending on students’ needs and preferences.

from £35/person/class

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Londres, Royaume-Uni

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