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A space for doers who need a little rest. A space just for you. A space to recognize your beauty, to start seeing the good in you better. Nothing to do, nothing to change. Just you and your exploration. A moment to take stock, breathe, reconnect with yourself, feel safe and seen. 

Recharge so you can do again.

From 50£/session to 140£  for three coaching sessions to 500£ for 2 month of unlimited sessions.

Read a feedback from a client here.



Self-care workshops for teenagers :

In Progress

Super talented team :

A workshop to learn self-celebration in ways that do feel forced but lead us to the core of where we are and what we want! 

Opening soon.

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St-ART-ing project:

Coach artist for the St-ART-ing workshops. Created by Cindy Lelia, st-art-ing is a program to support you in starting your art practice. 

First workshop SOON! (in French)



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Londres, Royaume-Uni

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