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Writing Circles :


A moment or pause to recenter and connect

In these writing circles, we do NOT learn to write better, we write to better FEEL.

P(r)ause is a moment of pause with yourself and others.

Whatever the form, grammar or even language. We write for ourselves first, and if we want to share or not, we always get to decide. So whether you are a passionate writer, scared of writer's block, sure you can't write, a morning pages convert or you never wrote something else than a shopping list, these cicles are for you.


These circles are for everyone.

This is a time to connect to yourself and others.

Everything is welcome.

How does it work ?

1) Before writing, we get ready to write in good conditions:
- We log in, settle in.
Tea cup ready ? Need a little blanket ? A good pen ? Right amount of paper ?

- We get calmer, we recenter, we get safe and confortable.
We might meditate, take a few big deep breath, stretch a little

2) We write and share:

- We warm-up.
What's coming up in this moment ? What is one thing I need to tell myself  before diving deeper?

- We are ready !
We might dive into letters, a big deep question, group storytelling.

This is where anything can happen !

3) We say goodbye :

- We check-in.

What do I take with me from this time ? What moved me ?
- We get ready to go back into the world.
We might get a good shake, stretch again, make some noise.

This is not a writing workshop like the others.
We always end up a little bit different.

If you need personalized circles,I'M IN !
Get in touch 

With or with specific theme, in english, french or both.

- Teenagers and adults

- English and french

- Circles between 60 to 180 minutes
- Online or In-person



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Frequently asked questions

I don't know yet if I can come, how long in advance should I book ?

You can book up to 48 hours before a circle. If you'd like to come last minute, shoot me an email at clara@atriparoundthewords and I'll see what I can do.

What if I can't come anymore ?

Email me at and I'lll take you off of the list. You can receive a refund up to 48h before the circle. 

How many are we at each circle ?

Great question ! Number of participants vary greatly. Ideally, I'll only confirm when at least to participant are attending.  Talk to your friend about joining with you.  There is not upper limit yet, but I might put one in place if needed.

I want a personalized circle for my friends and I, what do I do ?

What a great idea ! Email me at or use the contact form, and tell a little bit about you and your friends and what you would like for that time together. 'll get back to you with an offer. You are always free to accept or reject.

Why are there no circles planned ?

I do circles in both French and English and rarely at the same time, so I often pause one when I focus on the other. If you are interested in these writing circles, shoot me a message and I'll keep you posted ! Let me know you are interested helps me determine what to focus on next, so make sure it's english writing circles.

Any other questions ?

Feel free to contact me, either via email at, using the contact form or on social media (you can find the link at the bottom of the page).
Thank you for your interest.

Why some circles last an hour and others more than two ?

I offer all kinds of circles aimed at different types of groups, big or small, with themes that can be more or less complex and more or less time available.
Monthly circles last about 2 hours to dive into larger themes and offer more freedom. Mini-circles are shorter with a defined writing format. I offer one or the other depending on what works best at the moment.

Do I Have to share during the circles ?

No, absolutely not. You share only if you choose to. You can decide to write and listen, it is perfectly fine. Also know, that should you decide to share, everything is strictly confidential and shouldn't be share outside of the circle.

What if I don't write ?

These circles are still for you ! They are for everyone. Here we don't try to write better, we write to better feel.

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