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Trips around the words for curious humans

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Mini writing workshops

Words offer so many possibilities, I'm lost for... words!

Wether you are a passionnate writer, scared of writer's block, convinced you cannot write, lover of diaries or have never written anything else than a grocery list, I CANNOT WAIT to welcome you in this amazing and loving space we'll create.

In these mini-workshops, we'll use writing as a tool for self-exploration, self-knowledge and self-care. 
This is a place where you will feel, move, meditate, explore, discover, have fun and share! ​

We'll answer to questions we probably never asked ourselves. It'll be fun, new and interesting.

These (re)connections are designed as a space to take a break from life and dive into yourself. 

And if you want to share your words with like-minded people, we'll be happy to hear your answers. No comparison allowed. No judgment allowed (especially the nasty little voice in your ear!). 

It's a moment just for yourself, ready to take it?










Every Tuesdays 1pm

30 minutes writting sessions

(for everyone from 16 yo)

Tickets: here























St-ART-ing project:

Coach artist for the St-ART-ing workshops. Created by Cindy Lelia, st-art-ing is a program to support you in starting your art practice. 

First workshop SOON! (in French)



Need more info? Get in touch!



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