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Londres, Royaume-Uni

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What I do

I translate your words from English to French, teach English, and French as a foreign language. I guide you through the world of words. 

I am in awe of the power words contain. So be open to the possibilities because words change everything.

We will try words together, play with them, rewrite, say things in a different way, because when they are heartfelt words are clear, powerful and light. You want to use your words to show up? Let’s go!

About me

Words were always dear to me. They are a wonderful opportunity.

I’ve been playing with words for years, first in way too many notebooks and then as a professional translator, I’ve found ways to express an idea from a language to another. I’ve become a master at synonyms and sentence tweaking. I just love it!

I’ve also created space for my language students, whether in French or in English, to play with ways to tell their stories.

Playing with words is serious, and much more enlightening when we play with others.

Work with me


You need your message to be just as brilliant in French as it is in English, I can help!


You want clarity? We can use words to help you see things in a different light.


Wishing to practice your French skills sharing what you love? Let's chat!


Want a word? Drop me a line!