About My Trip

Let me tell you a little bit more about my trip.

Today, I am a coach, more precisely, a Co-active coach in training, but it wasn't always the case. As you can imagine. ;)

I was born in France, the first of 4 girls. I am a good little girl, I work at school, I am nice to parents who try to deal with their own trauma. Inside, lots of emotions bubble, so I start to write.

For years, I write regularly (or not, acutally!) in a diary. Words give life to my emotions & questions. I describe myself through words no one will read.

And sometimes, I find myself in words I read.

I studied words but not only. I wanted to understand human beings, so psychology seemed like a good fit. But then, my yearning to save the world brought me to law that I studied to have a bachelor degree. But I felt constraint in this world, so I came back to words, to translation.This is my first job. Give life to someone else's words in another language. Human connection and my desire to share allowed me to teach, and I love it. I wanted to do it better so I studied it as well, but I feel self-confidence is much more important than any grammar. I allow my students to be themselves in a place usually quite restrictive. I have a love of fun.

At the same time, I loose myself, before finding me again. I believe I live to make other people happy, one way or the other. I am in the cage of "I have to", "I should", "I can't". I am what everyone else wants me to be, I don't know who I am.

Leaving a toxic relationship, I decide I will discover what living for myself means. I go on a quest to discover myself.

On my way, I find Non-violent communication, which I train in for a bit, music and theater, giving life to my world and my words in yet another way. A coach, friends, right words at the right time. Step by step, I discover myself. I choose to use my talents like listenning, sensitivity and authenticity to live a life where I am myself.

Coaching is the meeting point of everything that is important to me. Words, human beings, making the world a better place, learning to be ourselves and self-love.

+447 767 591 878

Londres, Royaume-Uni

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