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About My Trip


I am questionner without filter, an explorer of the bottom of the oceans and galaxies, inventor of word combinations, reminder of fabulousness and zebra (or other wild animals) liberator.


I was born in France, the first of 4 girls.

For years, I wrote regularly (or not, acutally!) in a diary to handle emotions bubbling all the time. Words gave life to these emotions & endless questions. I described myself through words no one would read. I dealt with trauma in this way, and I still do.

Sometimes, I found myself in words I read. I hope you do too.

I studied words but not only. I wanted to understand human beings, so psychology seemed like a good fit. But then, my yearning to save the world brought me to law that I studied to have a bachelor degree. But I felt constraint in this world, so I came back to words, to translation.This was my first job. Giving life to someone else's words in another language. Human connection and my desire to share allowed me to teach, and I love it more and more. I wanted to do it better so I studied it as well, but I feel self-confidence is much more important than any grammar. I allow my students to be themselves in a place usually quite restrictive. We have a lot of fun.


All the while, I practiced and learned singing. It never left me, even if I did leave it at some point. All these words I turned into rhymes are still waiting for tunes to accompany them, and I'm just starting. Here in London, I studied music.

At the same time, I lost myself, before finding myself again. I believe knowing ourselves is fundamental to living a "better" life.

I explore who I am through a lot of different projects writing, teaching, coaching, creating music.

On my way, I found Non-violent communication and coaching, which I trained in for a bit, music and theater, giving life to my world and my words in yet another way. A coach, friends, right words at the right time. Step by step, I discover myself. And it's as amazing as it can be scary.

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