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Londres, Royaume-Uni

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About Me

I am Clara, and my passion is to find words to make things simpler and lighter.


Words are natural to me. I twist them, change them, invent new ones. They make me laugh, cry, think, move forward or back. I guess I'm not the only one. Words are a world, they are millions of worlds

As a kid, I spent hours writing and translating. Just to understand, have fun, spend time or find myself.

I've wanted to understand new things like psychology and law, but I finally went back to a love for words that never left me.

I studied translation and then, teaching. It taught me a lot about language structure and how ideas can mutate. I learned to question the words I chose even more carefully.

Then, among other things as my curiosity leads me everywhere, I dug deeper into nonviolent communication and public speaking. I took singing lessons and tried improvisation theater with its "yes, and..." I went on stage a lot, sometimes to show up, sometimes to hide. Because you can also hide behind your words. 


I also loved sharing my path with secondary school students and adults and learned that it means being brave and honest to let ourselves be seen through our words, but it is such an inspiration. Show up, there is space for your beauty!