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To support you on your way to a freer and happier self, I have two offers: "Souvenir" & "Explorer"


Memories are such an important part of who we are!

They are a gift. Come open it.

 Heavy memories:

We all have them, these moments we can't seem to let go off. It makes us angry, or sad, and we would love to move on, right?

I believe that exploring them is how we move on - counterintuitive I know!-.


Memories and emotions have a message and as long as we dont' get it, they won't go away. 

Be ready to hear the message, it is full of LOVE.

Exploring these memories and getting the message can mean feeling long forgot emotions, getting to know hurt parts of us. Not always easy AND so worth it.

This is where you'll find space, make peace, breathe, love yourself more. Where the past and present can meet and allow you to built a new future.


​And you'll keep a written version of the message you discovered behind your memory so you can come back to it when you forget it again.

If you want to share Exciting memories make them a gift for yourself or someone else. That's also possible! Let me know and we'll make something beautiful.

What about the first time you met that very dear person in your life? You can tell this story together and keep it forever. That's a gift!






2 - 3 sessions to explore a memory :
1 session where you tell me the story
1/2 sessions to explore what it means to you today


+ your souvenir in pdf AND paper (letter, notebook, other)

Beta-testing, if you want to know about launching, message me!

















In progress - Come back later