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I am an example : How to be a good example

Did you too think "Who (optionnal : the hell) does she think she is ?" when you read that title ?

This was definitely my first thought this morning when I got the idea for the article. (Is it always in the shower for you as well or is it just me ? #showeridea)

The idea came up and immediatly I thought "Seriously, Clara, don't you think it's a little pretentious, who do you think you are ? The sun doesn't shine out of your arse !" (the french version of this saying would be "to fart above your ass", which was funny as I had just farted... Anyway!)

That's why I told myself "Well, we are going to be an example right now !" I’ll apply to my own damn self the beautiful words I shared in the self-celebration workshop when we talked about celebrating ourselves and the fear of looking pretentious.

These are the words :

We are not here to play small. Recognizing and celebrating our qualities is NOT pretentious, this is the basis of self-care. And the basis of generosity. [...]

And what I keep in mind from this is I am not here to avoid looking pretentious, I am here to do what I feel called to do. And if what I want to do is be an example, let's forking do it !

Now, what does it mean to be an example, cause, it's all very well but what are we talking about exactly ?

Actually, what does it mean to YOU to be an example ? Take a minute. (And if you have ideas, please share, I love stealing ideas - I am an artist after all too ;))

I'll start with sharing what I think THIS IS NOT.

When I wonder how to be an example (and it's not THAT often, okay ?), I don't think about what I have to do to be considered like one. I don't think about what I have to do because everyone esle should do it too. #howtohavethesamestinkyshitaseveryoneelse #fun

Being an example, this is NOT showing a way of being and making it the only one.

When I wonder how to be an example, I wonder how I can be more myself. I believe that's the only of being a good example.

Knowing full well, that no one can be me AND that most people don't actually give a shit about what it is like to be me.

(Unless you are a curious weirdo like me, wondering : What is this like to be this person walking in the street with a bothered look on their face ?)

To me, being an example, means showing a way of being, thinking and doing things that might support other people in finding their own way of being, thinking and doing things.

I am beyond excited when what I share is new to someone and they take it to make it their own. #PleaseCopyMe #NeverThoughtIdEVERwriteThat

Being an example to me, is being in integrity with myself as much as I can, and continue to learn and apply my discoveries to my own journey. Maybe this journey is similar to yours, maybe it is not.

I also benefit from being an example.

(I mean besides plumping up my already oversized ego, of course !)

When someone emphasizes something I have done like "Oh, it was so interesting watching you ask if you could join the conversation before sitting down with them. I'm often uneasy when I don't know if a conversation is private or not. I never would have thought of asking this way", it allows me to see how I evolve, it offers me more awareness of what I do and I get the opportunity to check if I go in a direction that I like and create the world I want to live in.

And what I like about the idea of being an example, is I am an example all the time. (It's also a little frightenning now that I think about it 😅). We all are examples all the time.

I am not only an example when I am dead serious talking about highly spiritual pursuits, ou when I encourage people to be themselves, or when I sing beautifully, or when I write inspiring posts. I also am an example when I write utterly ininteresting or out of touch posts, when I do my silly little happiness dance each time I open a door of my Advent Calendar (yes, this is 2023 and we dance every opportunity we get, we need it !), when I fart in the shower, when I don't know how to communicate, when I treat myself poorly, when I make an ass out of myself, when I talk to myself instead of talking to others, when I feel stupid, say silly things, is mean, is alive. I am just ONE example.

We all are example. Examples of what it can look like to be alive. Isn't it an amazing idea ?!

And an example is never born in a vacuum. I can be an example because I had examples too. Examples I take ideas from and make my own. Examples I chose and relate to.

We all are someone's example. Let's be pretentious together, shall we ? :)

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