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What if

What if there was

more time than I realize?

What if there was

nothing to prove ?

Nothing to show

that didn't already show ?

What if it didn't have to make sense?

What if it was good enough for me ?

For somebody else ?

What if it was not all up to me ?

What if there was nothing to avoid?

No outcome I could control?

What if it was easy ?

Or just a little easier?

What if I could trust my body

cause it is wiser ?

What if every decision didn't have

to bear the weight of my whole future?

My whole identify?

What if I truly believed joy would lead me

to where I need to be ?

What if facing the mess

of my biggest mistakes

Was the high of my success?

How would I live then ?

What would it change ?

Would I breathe a little bit deeper? Feel a little bit lighter?

Would I try a little bit harder ? No... easier ?!

Would I feel a little bit happier ? Or a lot?

Would my light shine a little brighter ? My life be fuller ?

How would I live then ?

What would it change?

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