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Wrong Direction

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I've heard this song regularly for a few days before understanding what it was about. At least for me. This song is what it is like to be in a relationship with a narcissist*. I didn't want to recognize it or think about it until recently. It's hard to accept violence, at least for me. But what I learn in the process, and I hope it can help those of you who've been there or are there: Being in a relationship is work but it shouldn't be a constant struggle. Love means letting go of our walls and fears, not pieces of ourselves. Loving someone doesn't kill you slowly, it makes you come alive. It doesn't exhaust you, it gives you energy. It's not confusing, it's clear, you don't spend your time wondering if there is a problem and what it could be. It doesn't require you to lie or hide things from your close ones, or your friends to lie or hide things from you. It doesn't make you feel empty and lonely, it makes you feel connected and fulfilled. When someone loves you they don't make you think you're the problem, they explore solutions with you. It's not fighting to have what you need, it's finding together how both of you can have what they need. It's not compromising yourself, it's not going away from yourself, it's coming home. It might seem obvious, but I assure you for some of us, it is not. It is possible to fall in the right direction. #wrongdirection #narcissist #relationship

* I use this term but I am not a specialist. I chose it because it seems to describe my experience, nothing else.

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