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A Natural Woman (with flowers & rainbows)

I’ve recently listened to the lyrics of the song Natural Woman, and I had a second of “What?” Here’s what I understand (this is completely personal, if you love that song, we can still talk): This is the story of a woman with a sh*tty life—Life is unkind, you see—and she wonders what is wrong with her, until a guy kisses her and she finally has a reason to live. Then she FINALLY feels like a natural woman. Uh, what? So this is the story of how you become a Natural Woman?!#TheDream

It kinda reminds me of the “fairy tale” series I have seen thousands of times in my life. The episode where the princess locked in her awful castle she already redecorated 150th times is finally set free by a guy. He’s quite good-looking and he’s got a white horse (or a car, horses are out of fashion I’ve been told). And Tada!

I don’t need to tell you the feminist in me is bored with these stories#FedUpI don’t appreciate too much either to see myself stick to the concept.#AutoTerrified#NiceLittleGirl

I am not surprised, though, we’ve heard this story since the day we’ve been able to listen. To be a “Natural Woman” you nicely wait for someone to free you from the prison you’ve been put in (can someone remind me why? I must have missed this episode), be pretty and very depressed in your castle or no one will want to save you.

How does that work for princesses who didn’t want to spend thousand birthdays with the spiders and decided to take off? Like, the dragon that was to be killed by the prince is now her pet#adoptadragonShe will never be a Natural Woman?#Iwonder

Follow-up question, what is exactly a natural man in this storyline? It does seem a bit sh**ty too, I must say.

Damn can a song make me think!

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