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Self-Love Now

Loving yourself happens NOW. Not soon, not later, not tomorrow. It won't happen when you become the perfect person you want to be. It won't happen when you exercise every day, when you eat 16 vegetables at every meal, when you have an 18-figure business, when you're married, when you have time, when you have a perfect body and a mental health of steel. You will never be this perfect person you would like to love. Never. Never. Understood?


Enough waiting to be different, to be someone else, to be another way. You'll wait your whole life.  What gives you joy now? Can you love yourself enough to dance in the middle of the living room even if you can't dance like Beyoncé? Can you love yourself enough to create even if it is not the way you want it to be yet? Can you love yourself enough to start talking even when you don't know what to say?

Can you start loving yourself enough to keep your promises to yourself? Can you start loving yourself enough to tell the small voice inside your head telling you if you're not perfect it's useless: "Thanks, but today I choose to listen to the voice telling me I am enough just the way I am, that I am doing my best and that it's already great, that I deserve to love myself, and let people love me, that I deserve to do the things I want, that I deserve to overcome my fears."Can you, today, right now, do one thing to love yourself? And promise yourself to do it again tomorrow?

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